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Who are we?

We specialise in data driven decisions. Our focus is on the intersection of financial risk management and data science. We offer products and services to clients across the private and public sector.

Our objective

We believe that proper insight in the risks is at the core of, and conditional for good decision making.

We therefore educate and help our clients to make the decision process easier, more reliable and more transparent.

Our way of work & values

question assumptions

search for main risk drivers

search for main risk drivers

context drivven decisions

take context into account

iterative goal oriented

iterative goal oriented

focus on details

focus on details

take ownership

take ownership

integrity humbleness values

integrity, humbleness

open communication

open communication

Our expertise

We have extensive experience in the quantitative estimation and validation of risks. For example, think about the risk on interest, inflation, unemployment, creditspread, investments, equity, property, land development and projects.

We provide quantitative risk analyses, a second opinion or validation of your risks.

We work with clients in both the private and public sector, in financial and non-financial domains.

Our activities

  • financial risk management (FRM)
  • regulatory market risk (Solvency II, Wtp)
  • financial modelling and backtesting
  • assessment of investment proposals
  • data analytics
  • application of AI in financial risk models
  • discovery of hidden features of multivariate systems
  • reference class forecasting

Our team

If you wish to receive more information or schedule a (video) call please send us aRequest for Information

Products & services

We offer multiple products and services to obtain a proper view of your financial risks. On the product side we offer risk reports, tools, and API cloud services. In addition we offer services such as risk analyses, validation and risk consultancy.

Learn through some examples how data can help you understand the financial risks better and make data driven decisions:

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Use Cases

Read more about some of our projects and some aspects that need to be considered in the following articles:

Financial Risk - Loan portfolio

Loan Portfolio Interest Risk

This use case highlights how we can obtain a concrete risk estimate for a loan portfolio that is to be refinanced in the future with the so called ‘Value at Risk’ method and how the certainty level impacts its estimation.

Land Development Risk

The following use case explores how one municipality improves the process of risk measurement on a portfolio of ground exposures by introducing automation and cloud based risk estimates

Financial Risk - Land development
Financieel risico - project risk

Project Risk

How would you estimate the investment risk and the risk on the operating result of a project? E.g. a public outdoor swimming facility or an art museum. Let’s explore the risks with a quantitative risk analysis.

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Reference Class Forecasting

Learn about reference class forecasting and its role in predicting expectation and risks. Discover how it improves risk forecasts and project success.

Risk Aversion

Discover the psychology of loss and risk aversion in decision-making. Explore how humans avoid negative impacts and uncertainty.

Risk aversion - CPT
Financial Risk - Interest rate risk

Interest Rate Risk

Explore the main factors that need to be considered when calculating the refinancing costs.

Model Validation

In this series of articles we analyze the model performance of four interest rate models.

  • Solvency II: EU capital requirements for insurance sector
  • Wtp: new pension funds regulation in The Netherlands
  • BASE method: statistical method, no context dependence
  • REGIME-BASED method: context dependent statistical method

Finally, let’s put these models together and select the optimal risk model.

Financial Risk - Model validation
Historical land prices 1914 to 2023
Land prices 1914 to 2023

Land price risk in historical context

We analyse historical land prices in the Netherlands and use a regime-based model that takes the current context into account to forecast the risk.

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